Old RC compatible

circumstances that are beginner
I have an APM 2.5 ardurover and an old rc 26,660 Mz receiver with 2 channels.
I tried to connect it with negative results.
They may not be compatible?
Many thanks

It takes at least a four channel RC setup to run ArduRover on an autonomous rover.

2 Channels will give you steering and throttle control but NOTHING else. You won’t be able to change mode from MANUAL to AUTO from the transmitter for instance.
An APM needs PPM signals. If your 2 channel receiver outputs PPM signals it should work.

Thanks, Grant.

OK thank you very much
this radio would be good?


Ciao Marco,

That radio would work but will not have too much range and may not have option s to upgrade. What I would recommend is this radio, it is a little more expensive but gives you the freedom to upgrade the RX/TX modules to increase your range.

I have the 9X and have upgraded the RX/TX to this:

For my Arduboat this works well.

You can purchase the 9x and practice with the standard RX/TX and then when you are comfortable you can upgrade to the Orange Open LRS RX/TX module.