Octocopter X8 built for regulations

This octo was made mainly because of laws and regulations in our country (Croatia).
And these are specs for passing their technical requirements if you want to fly in city:
-8 motors
-redundant dual flight control

But this year they changed it a lot so you dont need to have all of this.

Now some octo X8 for action camera specs:
-under 5kg
-8x motors
-8x esc
-15 inch props
-2x pixhawk
-standard vtx and minimosd
-Taranis with x8r
-ap manager for dual flight controller

We are using arducopter since v3.3.3, dont have much to complain (good work all the devs and other contributors).Also had many flights with 3.4.6 now using new 3.6(still didnt try chibios) everything is working well.

Frame will be changed becuse of props getting in camera view but when everything is done we will sell it as RTF(ready to fly).

Flying in new loiter and decreased speed to 500.


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How did you manage to use 2 pixhawks?

By using ap manager: https://www.gizmotec.eu/product/ap-m/

And i hope there will be more updates for this board : "Rescue FC" - integrated safety system suitable for unmanned aerial vechles