"Rescue FC" - integrated safety system suitable for unmanned aerial vechles

I’m proud to present you a preview of “Rescue FC”, an integrated safety system suitable for unmanned aerial vechles, developed by “Marcopter” and “MRN-Electronic”.
The main features of “Rescue FC” are:

• Dual flight control system redundancy management
• Single or Dual RX systems for full redundancy
• Manual or automatic switchover between flight control units
• Integrated flight termination capabilities with automatic parachute management
• Flight control units can be different from each other, or identical (for example two “Pixhawk 2.1” with a different firmware version, “Pixhawk 2.1” as primary fcu and “DJI” as secondary or viceversa, the combinations are endless)
• SBUS/CPPM R/C compatibility
• Mavlink communication if available on flight control units
• System arming detection with PWM or Mavlink feedback for secure switch
• The flight termination function can be controlled with SBUS/CPPM channels, single or double PWM external signal, dry auxiliary contact
• Self diagnostic functions
• Double power supply channels from 7.4 to 50.4V to increase availability
• Simple and quick configuration with the integrated 0.96” OLED display. No external systems or PC are needed on the field
• Firmware upgradeable

Hardware for this tests:

• FCU-Primary: “VRBrain V5.1” with “Ardupilot:Copter V3.5.5”
• FCU-Secondary: “CC3D” with “LibrePilot V16.09 R777”

Soon more details, its price will amaze you!

Marco - “Marcopter”
(Ardupilot Dev Team)


Is there any new information about this? Still in testing?

We are now distributing the boards to testers for reviews, production will start soon.