Octocopter RTL Automatically Engaging + Skipping Waypoints

Can anyone tell me why our octocopter is skipping waypoints? RTL is also being automatically triggered without any reason seemingly. Lastly, when resume mission is selected, the drone is not going back to the waypoint it left off at, which is critical for us as we are using the gripper commands at certain waypoint for autonomous deployment missions.

We are trying to get to the bottom of this so we can demo this early next week.

If it makes a difference to anyone gracious enough to try and help out, we are flying in QGroundControl, although I have seen similar problems reported in Mission Planner too.

I have attached one of the flight plans created and flown where a couple of waypoints were skipped.

The pilot also sent me this “CONDITION and DO commands are associated with the preceding NAV command: if the UAV reaches the next waypoint before these commands are executed, the next NAV command is loaded and they will be skipped.” as well, asking if this has anything to do with why the drone was skipping waypoints.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to troubleshoot and solve this problem.

The flight plan where waypoints were skipped as well as accompanying flight logs are available to download from our Google Drive folder here: Flight Plans & Logs - Google Drive

You need to link to one log where this event is witnessed. You have 11 in there; the 1st 2 I looked at were not even Auto Mission logs. Not many will look at this.