Octa-X Cube, AC3.6.8 swinging in Pos.Hold after takeoff

I have an issue in Pos.Hold mode
Octorotor x, Pixhawk Cube2.1 + HERE2, AC3.6.8 after takeoff or first time turning on Pos.Hold mode turn on in the air, the drone is swinging with big angles like it has a big problem with compass, but after few movements right-left, forward-backward it flying very precise and good, automatic mission, RTL, holding position - all working correct. Just has a problem in first 30-60 sec after takeoff.

AHRS = 0, Compass orientation = 0,
In Mission Planner all compasses are match and showing correct orientation all the time

Same problem in two very different octa drones with different gps\compass modules

Logs, or it didn’t happen. :smiley:

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Solved! When HERE2 GPS connected to CAN bus, don’t forget to set Compass 3 as External mounted and set Compass №3 as Primary, because Compass 1 and Compass 2 are internal now

Yes, for some reasons uavcan external compass is not the first in list as it would be if it was an external i2c.
On my aircraft i disable all the compass drivers except for the uavcan so that i am sure none of the internals are used.