Obstacle Avoidance,Obstacle as Red Circles not getting shown.

Hi, In mission planner , benewake tf03 lidar is not able to show obstacle as red dots.
In SITL , mission planner is showing obstacles as red dots(circles), but on the real drone, it is not being able to do so.
I have filled all the parameters related to obstacle avoidance in bendy ruler. Tell me if i am leaving any parameters.
Please help me with this matter.

Good day, did you check if the sensor have the right voltage?
Did you set also proximity parameter in MP

yes i am getting the distance in proximity window in mission planner. it is able to pass the distance to the mission planner. but not showing obstacle as red dots. should i still go for changing the voltage source option.

and actually what proximity parameter are you talking about. i have filled the range finder parameter, the prx_type.

Did you power correctly your sensor?

if i had connected the power to sensor in wrong manner, than it wont be giving the distance in proximity window in mission planner.

i mean you are using an alternative power source or you are using the pdb?

Hi @jagtar. I have similar problem that red circle not appear on the map.
Did you solve this issue?
I’ve fed 360 lidar data via MAVLink and “PRX”, “OA” params had already set but obstacle doesn’t show on the map at all. But it works fine with SITL.

Hi again.
I’ve just solve this problem by setting “SR3_ADSB” ,which is a stream rate go to GCS of my protocol, to 50 Hz. You may have to set on SR1 - SR3 depend on you protocol.

I’ve got the solution from @bigboy061293 (https://discuss.ardupilot.org/u/bigboy061293)