Object mapping /point clouds using Lidar scanners and Arducopter

Hi, I have problems googling the correct key words I guess… I am interested in learning about how 3D point clouds can be generated from an arducopter. Something like this:

I mean, I have the attitude and position, together with some line scanning lidar, it should be possible to generate a suitable point cloud “easily”. Can you point me to some resources? There must be existing open source solutions…Thank you!!

I still didn’t find a solution, here are some interesting links, however:



Are you still working on this? Wonder if you got anywhere I am interested as well.

Hi, I didn’t find a suitable open-source solution yet. I am planning to get a Blcikfeld cube to acquire point-clouds, then combining the points with the attitude and position data of the pixhawk. A very simple approach in my opinion which will not give the highest accuracy data, but it will be ok for my application. If you have further ideas, then please let me know :smiley: