Object / Collision Avoidance in Auto, Guided, RTL?

Are there any plans to implement avoidance in flight modes like Auto or RTL?


Hi Stefan,

Yes, there are plans, but not done yet. Doing avoidance in those modes requires path planning (as you need to avoid obstacles) and path planning will probably need a better source of the obstacles in the way (the current methods don’t keep a 360 degrees view).

Hi Francisco,
thanks for your answer.
A first step would be to simply stop Auto/Guided mission when detecting an obstacle. I think that this would be sufficient at the moment and not such a complex task than avoiding and alternate route finding.
In my mind that would be a big step forward during Auto missions :slight_smile:


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Yes, we can do that, although it looks easier to add from a feature perspective than from a code perspective.


We are offering fawn seeking services for animal protection organizations during hay harvest period. Doing so, we are using a Pixhawk driven hexa, equipped with a FLIR and SF11/c with great success. We fly autonomous survey grids. But in our case, we often have the situation, that grasslands have single trees, or are surrounded with a lot of trees (aka. “forest” :slight_smile: ). At the moment, I’m trying to guess, whether the nice looking single enormous oak in the middle of the field is above or below my altitude setting :smile: It would be great if the system would simply stop if a obstacle is detected.

I would built a simple avoidance on my own using a Maxbotic or Lidar or something similar (the hexa is already equipped with Pi3 companion), but if there are plans to implement a simple stopping function in Auto already, similar to Loiter for example, I would avoid the additional efford. Sadly, I’m not experienced enough in the Ardu architecture to implement such a feature in the source for myself. I would be glad to support this with a small donation.


Maxbotix EZ0 stopped working in version 3.5, can you tell me what the problem is?