Object avoidance with VL53L0X

Hi, I’m working on a rover project using a pixhawk 2.4.8 and ArduRover version 4.2.3.
I’m trying to use the vl53l0x sensor for object avoidance. I did all the configuration described on the ardupilot setup page and got it running and sensing as expected. The sensor is working and the data is shown on the proximity display. To proceed with the simple object avoidance configuration, it is required to set PRX1_TYPE to “4” to enable using the range finder as a proximity sensor. However, I’m stuck since the parameter is not showing up in the full parameter list and don’t know why. Any help would be appreciated.

make a custom firmware and include proximity, you have probably installed a firmware that doesnt have it.

Thanks. Should I select “Pixhawk 1” from the board dropout menu?
Or which one should I select taking into account this information from mission planner?

yes select pixhawk 1.