Object Avoidance Steering is Very Weak in Steering Mode

I’ve been trying to get the “dodge” object avoidance working on my pixhawk rover with a Garmin LiDAR-lite v3 using PWM, with traditional non-skid steering. The Lidar is providing correct distance readings and the messages on flight data show it’s detecting objects correctly and correctly reporting “obstacle passed” when the object is removed. I originally thought that the system was simply not attempting to steer around objects at all (running into them) but when I set the turn trigger distance to 1.5m and drove very slowly I noticed that the rover did attempt to correctly steer right or left past the object, but only very slightly.

When changed over to manual mode, the same setup will turn to the full range of the servo as it should. Additionally, I’ve noticed that the steering will sometimes randomly twitch aggressively in steering mode, while im still not able to control it any more than just slightly. I have tried using the simple stopping object avoidance too but found that the rover would never stop even after hitting an obstacle.

Unfortunately my other problem is bad logging so I wont be able to provide a log but I have added my parameters. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

2019-07-10.param (12.2 KB)

Dodge doesn’t really work. We will have to wait for the “Bendy Ruler” implementation. Looking forward to it!

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