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Object avoidance limitations with Copter 3.5


(Khushal Brahmbhatt) #1


I had some questions about the current limitations of object avoidance with Copter 3.5:

  1. Does ArduPilot support more than 4 LiDARs for obstacle avoidance, or is the current limitation still 4?
  2. What’s the update on object avoidance supporting “stop” in addition to “slide” for obstacle avoidance?
  3. Object avoidance currently only works in the direction the vehicle is heading. So if my vehicle were to drift as a result of wind, COG, or other reasons, how could I go about designing the collision avoidance system?
  4. Copter 3.5-rc5 provided object avoidance parameter (AVOID_MARGIN) for configuring distance to maintain from objects. But on the wiki pages for the LightWare SF40/C and TeraRanger Tower, it’s mentioned that the safety margin to objects is hard-coded to 2m. Do the pages just require updating or is there still a 2m limitation specific to 360 degree sensors or something? (just a little confused)

I’d be really grateful if anyone could help clear some of these me.

(James Pattison) #2

8 planar sectors are used in the avoidance library, plus rangefinder down (and up?).
Limitations on number of devices really depends how you connect them.