NVIDIA Jetson Nano for Pixhawk

my question . i have some issue if a try to put the usb serial converter into a Micro USB (Male) to USB 2.0 (Female) Adapter to past through the micro usb port on the jetson tx2? because i am using the only one usb 3.0 in my zed camera. :confused:

MicroUSB port is for OTG, you should use one of the standard ports

Do you have instructions for verifying communication for MicroUSB to USB connection?


You can echo the port or use a terminal soft like TeraTerm . You should be reading MavLink binary messages with some clear text , particulars at boot

Hello Patrick,

@ppoirier Could you suggest which model of UBEC do you use with Nano ?


I used the hobbywing ubec 3a
Very dependable and stable little unit

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@ppoirier thanks for your guidance.I see that you used Pixhawk Cube on your drone. I have a 2.4.8 and I have recently ordered a Pixhawk 4.
In a project with t265 and d435 ( for obstacle avoidance ) do you think that Cube has better performance than Pixhawk 4 ?

I don’t think that FC has major impact on the system for this use case, the CC does the heavy lifting

@ppoirier In the image you sent in August '19 you used the PixHawk Cube, but I would like to use the PixHawk Mini (http://www.holybro.com/product/pixhawk-mini/). Is it possible to connect it to the Jetson Nano as well? Also, I am new to building drones myself, I have an old DJI Phantom 1, of which I’d like to use the ESCs and motors. Do I need to pay attention to anything when connecting them to the PixHawk Mini? (are they compatible?)


All Flight Controlers can be interfaced with any Companion Computer using serial ports just make sure the baudrate and signals are set correctly.

As for DJI esc, I never worked with them, do your researchs but I think they use a proprietary can bus that is not compatible with ArduPilot.

Hi, in this image you can see that the DJI Phantom 1 uses the NAZA Controller, which is a common flight controller, isn’t it? This would then mean that the ESCs are also standard ESCs and not custom ones, right?

Hi Subhra,
Can you guide me? how to connect pixhawk with jetson nano.

@ppoirier What kV motors does that drone have in the picture above? I have a similar setup with an s500 frame and 935kV motors. Do you think I need to get better motors?

I am using the cheapest 920k motors that Shenzhen can sell. Most of my build are for testing and performance is not priority

Corrected links:


Please check the above link

Hi Subhra,
That link does not appear to be working could you point me in the correct direction that information is somewhere else?

Nested in Google search:


Thanks! That is the complete working project then? I still saw the PDFs on that page asking for help so I could not tell if that was fully up to date. Look at https://github.com/ShubraChowdhury/Robotics-And-NVIDIA-Jetson/blob/master/JetsonnanoPixhawk.pdf

All is one year old, quite stalled…