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NVIDIA Jetson Nano for Pixhawk

Thank you .

I had follow up question ,

  1. how do you remote login into Nano , do you ssh or any other method and to that do you use a wifi network outwards ?
  2. Do you run your algorithm on Nano everytime you start PH2 or you programmed Nano to run your program on boot.

Yes you can ssh through wifi or using 900Mhz telemetry radio or bluetooth to the TTY console port

I am currently using jd-RF900Plus for telemetry from Pixhawk 4. And If I use another one to communicate with Nano, they might interfere. I have will have to look for another alternative.

But thanks for your answering my questions.

How to run mavproxy autostart?

Hi! You should use JGND J8 J10 pinouts for UART connetction. --master=/dev/ttyTHS1 --baudrate 921600 --aircraft MyCopter

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