NVIDIA Jetson Nano for Pixhawk

I am using the cheapest 920k motors that Shenzhen can sell. Most of my build are for testing and performance is not priority

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Please check the above link

Hi Subhra,
That link does not appear to be working could you point me in the correct direction that information is somewhere else?

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Thanks! That is the complete working project then? I still saw the PDFs on that page asking for help so I could not tell if that was fully up to date. Look at https://github.com/ShubraChowdhury/Robotics-And-NVIDIA-Jetson/blob/master/JetsonnanoPixhawk.pdf

All is one year old, quite stalled…

Hey @ppoirier isn’t that barrel jack max input supposed to be 5 v 4 amps as suggested on this blog : https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2019/04/10/jetson-nano-use-more-power/

And your 5A UBEC delivers 5Amps 5V ? That one more Amp doesn´t cause any trouble ?

I don’t have much experience on the hardware part and would appreciate any constructive feedback.

The Jetson will consume the power it needs, no more. You should use a power source that has more capacity than the consumer, hence the choice of a 3A UBEC that is within specs of the barrel connector.

Hi! I saw your previous posted picture of a PX4 drone with Jetson Nano. Could you list the parts you used to build it? Thank you!


You mean this ?

Yes! I’m wondering how dose it perform with your odometry experiments? I’m planning to use it for object tracking with 3D localization of the object, but I’m not sure how well dose the stereo camera perform when the drone is 10-20 meters in the air.

It performed pretty well with the Realsense T265 as most of the work is done at the camera level.

For the D435/455 , I suggest you follow work from @Rishabh_Gupta on Discord:

Hello ppoirier!
I’m making a similar type of drone. I’m using ZED 2i Stereo camera instead of Intel RealSense.

I’m totally new to this and need proper guidance and resources for understanding.
If there is any resources like video tutorials available, please share.


Most of it is in the wiki

And youcan reach us on this channel

Hi Thien,

Thanks for your link. I like to do a private message to you, just don’t know how. Can you email me intead?

hello can i ask you a question? we have jetson nano and pixhawk. We want to make an AUV vehicle using them.
How do we communicate jetson nano and pixhawk? do you have a sample coding example?

Hello, once again WIKI is your friend :slight_smile:


Jetscon NANO is like RPI
I suggest you use FTDI USB-Serial adaptor for communication as they are easy to install and configure

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if you just want to stream telemetry and video over tcp/ip stack then check out GitHub - sinamics/uavcast: ✈️ uav companion software ✈️, free open-source and supports arm/v7 arm64 amd64 computers which includes Jetson Nano.


Anyone has successfully install MAVSDK into nano and tested working with Arducopter?

If yes, which Arducopter version tested?
If yes, can kindly help share the step by step guide?