Jetson Nano with PixHawk

Hey! I’m back after a long time. I hope that all of you are doing good. I recently got hyped up with an idea that came up to my head. Why don’t I just connect my Jetson Nano to my drone and run it up? I understood the actual physical connection but on the communication to the PixHawk. I did not understand at all. Could someone please explain this? Thanks

Communication is done via the MAVLink protocol. There’s documentation over at Companion Computers — Dev documentation

I could not see any Jetson nano there but do you think I can do it with DroneKit

Yes, software like Dronekit, pymavlink, MAVProxy work on any Linux platform - including the Jetson.

which one is easier to use? PyMavlink or DroneKit

Pymavlink is lower level, but better supported. There’s some good examples over at Pymavlink · GitBook

Thanks! Do I need to use MavProxy to connect or smthn or Just PyMavlink will be enough

Just Pymavlink will be enough, but worth using MAVProxy to confirm that you have a working telemetry link first.

Thanks I will try to use PyMavlink without MavProxy

Anyone have explored MAVSDK with Arducopter.