NTRIP URL port error


After a thorough search I couldn’t find any sugestion on how to solve this issue.

I’m using a Zed-F9P gps on my drone and was trying to improve the precision using a Portuguese geopositioning public service (RENEP) - Estações | ReNEP

In mission planner i’m required to put an URL, and for this case I’m trying to use user:password@

Mission planner is giving me this error: https://imgur.com/8KPiR2W

To double check I tried the same information in U-center and it worked fine, so the port must be correct. I really don’t know how to solve this and unfortunately couldn’t find a solution online.

Can someone give me a hand? I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you in advance

UPDATE: the ntrip server on U-center is not working. It is likely a problem with the Portuguese geopositioning public service.