Notification from ArduRover to GCS when user adds a waypoint with the remote?

when user adds a new waypoint using the remote, ArduRover adds the waypoint using the function : void RC_Channel_Rover::add_waypoint_for_current_loc()
Inside this function, ArduRover does an internal mission command “MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT” to add the location as a new waypoint

User can thereafter retrieve added waypoints by downloading the mission from the rover to the GCS of choice.

I would like to do better and at least make the user aware that the waypoints currently in the rover are no longer the same as he sees in the GCS. Or optionally retrieve the mission automatically. For that I need a notification to make the GCS aware of what has happened.

So the question is: Does ArduRover send some notification when internally adding the new position as a waypoint in the above referred function? I think I should ask prior to raising a feature request.

AFAIK it does not.

We should probably be broadcasting some sort of checksum for the mission.


Wow, that was a lengthy discussion that seems to get close to a decision. Seems to address my needs if implemented, though: A way to identify that the mission in the drone has changed (and obviously not the home point) so I can take appropriate action on the GCS.
Thanks for the response :+1: