Not showing any readout from PX4 FLOW


Recently ive connected a PX4 flow sensor I got off ebay to a pixhawk cube on i2c and enabled it under optical flow only to find it’s not displaying any numbers in the OPT section of status under ground control. When I unplug the flow from the pixhawk and reboot, it displays bad Optical flow like it knows it was connected and working. Could this be a driver or setting I’m missing? How could I go about looking at the output of the ardupilot software to see if there is an error? Thanks.

I should mention that prior to this I flashed it and completed the steps required to focus the sensor.

Did you use I2C2 or I2C1 from gps port?

its on the i2c2 port. I’m going to try flashing it again and see if it just had a corrupted flash on the sensor.

Do the lights on the OF turn on when plugged into I2c? I had one that only powered off USB once.

yeah, it lights up like it should. I checked to make sure it was getting enough power and amps too, everything is good. I’m about to flash it now and see if that is the issue. It’s odd since it’s showing up as working on qgroundcontrol when i test it.

Try using the I2C1 from GPS1 port, the only way I got my lidar working, there should be some discussions in this forum

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Turns out it was a corrupted flash, reflashing it worked. Thanks for the input.

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