Non-standard compass orientation

Sorry if question is very stupid.
Is it OK if the orientation of the compass is not in 45 degrees increments related to the autopilot board? (for example compass is rotated 10 degrees relative to main board)
Will calibration / inflight learning of compass offsets account for this error?
Or is it strict requirement to have compass angle to be in 45 degrees increments in relation to autopilot board?
Thank you in advance!

You need to use a custom rotation - it won’t be determined automatically.

Thank you!
Follow-up question:
are CUST_ROT* parameters relate to Compass only or to Accelerometer/Gyro as well?

My main board which have Accel/Gyro inside is aligned perfectly with copter so no rotation (like 0 degrees) needed for it.
It’s external (BN-880q) compass on a mast is rotated due to it was glued incorrectly to the mast.

Thank you!

You use the orientation by setting COMPASS_ORIENT to 101 or 102 so it only applies to the compass

Thank you, now it’s clear!

@ololosha - Hope you are well. How did you enter the custom pitch/roll/yaw values after setting COMPASS_ORIENT to custom.

When I choose 101 for COMPASS_ORIENT, I am not sure how to add cust1_roll/yaw/pitch values. My GPS/Compass module is rotated 180 degrees on Yaw axis and the mount is 60 degrees below the board. So in my opinion, I should have the follow custom compass values


My GPS mount looks something like this