Non RC PWM signal to motor controller to drive brushless motor

Hi All,

I’m currently using the navio2 running ardurover 3.2-rc1 for my project. (will upgrade to rc2 soon)

currently, I have 2 brushless maxon motors which I will be driving from a maxon escon controller (70/10).

prior to the navio2 I was able to send regular PWM signals from an arduino (not the 50Hz RC PWM signal) to the maxon controller to drive the motors.

I now want to do the same with the navio2 using ardurover 3.2.

Can I use the following settings

MOT_PWM_TYPE: 4 BrushedBiPolar — will this work ?

MOT_PWM_FREQ: 1 — Not sure what I can set this too

MOT_SAFE_DISARM: 0 - PWM enabled while disarmed - maxon controllers go into an error state when no pwm signal availabe. The only way to clear the error is power cycle or toggle enable line.

Can someone verify if I can do this ?


anyone able to help me on this?


When I attempted to do this in RC2 . and hooked it up to an Ossiciloscope I was not able to get the desired pwm output signals.

Has anyone tried this with the Navio2 ?


From checking in the code for the implementations of AP_HAL::RCOutput::set_output_mode it appears that we’ve only got this implemented for the STM32 based boards :-(. I’ve create a new issue here

Cool thank you for that !