No throttle response in servo output

OK, setting up a Matek 765 Wing in MP and I’ve gdone the Radio Calibration, and all the indicators respond properly to tx stick inputs. Going to Servo Output and all work except throttle, which does not respond. RCMAP is 1/ail, 2/ele, 3/thr, 4/rud. Checked my Transmitter and it is actually set at TAER, so I re assigned the tx to match the RCMAP settings and everything is jumbled . Not sure where to go from here…Ideas would be appreciated!


You may find it easier to go the other way and re-organize the RCMAP. Nothing saying you have to leave it as AETR, that’s just a default. But you can do either.

Was the plane armed when you tested the throttle output?

Thanks, Allister…I did try resetting RCMAP to match the Tx settings, but that did not work either…we are on the bench setting up right now…not installed in the plane, just looking for correct response in the Servo Output settings…can’t get the throttle channel to move there, but the controlsurface channels are fine??? I now see that SERVO1_FUNCTION, ect 2/3/4…also is in the mix, so I am a bit lost now, not sure what should be changed 1st?

Throttle output won’t move unless the plane is armed.

OK, good enough…I guess I am chasing something that won’t reveal correct until installed in the plane…thanks!

If it’s safe you could force-arm from mission planner.

Thanks, Allister…force armed, and I’ve got correct indications!’s on to the next challenge…
installing into the Believer!

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