"No SRTM data for this area" on south pacific sea


I am planning to use a ardupilot VTOL for deep sea operations in the South Pacific while on a ship. I am currently programming a plugin for this purpose, so I turned on SITL, but have come across some issues:

When I click “set home here” on the right-click menu, a message screen appears with the text “No SRTM data for this area”. This is happening on versions 1.3.75 and 1.3.80 of the mission planner.

but, with programming method(with plugin), home point was updated well without error message.

As the ship’s position is constantly moving, the home point should be able to update on the mission planner while operating in the South Pacific deep sea.

This problem is persistent with current version.

I’m sure that in the sea we have many possibility to make drone to help world’s productivity.

in current version, this problem persists.

I am also concerned about the blocking of updating the home position due to error message “No SRTM data in this area” in the poor internet connectivity environments.

In the ocean, accessing the internet freely is not feasible. The internet connection relies on satellite connectivity, which is limited in speed.

Using ArduPilot and Mission Planner in such oceanic conditions raises concerns for me.

I suggest fixing this problem. Additionally, I have reported this issue on GitHub.

please try the latest beta