No Smart Return to Launch and no LIDAR options in 3.6.4


i just uploaded 3.6.4 on my hexa on pixhawk. HOWEVER there is no option in the flight modes screen for SRTL.

Also in the RNGFND_TYPE parametes there should be support for various lidar options like TFMINI but the only option is no.8 Lightware serial as previous versions.

Anyone knows why i cannot find the above?

Sounds like you need to update mission planner. Go to the help tab, and then click the beta updates button near the bottom.

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I have update to the latest stable but not beta. So that is the problem?

That’s what’s happened to me in the past, so it’s my best guess.

Ok tnx. Do u use 3.6.4? Is it stable?

Yes, it has been stable for me on my quad with rangefinder and flow sensor.

What is the latest beta mission planner. I can only find 1.3.53 and it does not have the srtl and tfmini options


From the Help screen just press the “Check for BETA Updates” button.