No signal to ESC's

Hello, I am new here. Bought a pixhawk, switching from a naza m v2 controller. I believe I have everything hooked up according to spec. For testing purposes here I have no power module hooked to the pixhawk, I am powering the board through the ESC. When I power up the quadcopter it appears to go through the normal boot up procedure. I can connect through mavlink and everything fine, I can even arm it and send commands. However as soon as I connect power the speed controllers/motors beep as if they are not connected to anything, and I cant get them to move or anything. Using missionplanner I can test the motors and see they should be moving, but nothing is happening. The speed controllers I am using are cheap goolrc 30a but they worked great when I was using the naza. I have updated the software on the pixhawk. The speed controller are hooked to main output 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the pixhawk. Am I missing something? Either on hardware or software? Sorry if I left out any information that may be needed.

You need to press the “hardware safety switch” in order for the ESCs to stop beeping.

I have been using the hardware safety switch. I was messing around with the parameters, if I use the preset for arduroller all of the esc’s now get signal. Nothing works or even arms as I assume most of the parameters are far off, but I believe it is an issue with the parameters. Another thing to note is that if I use the wizard to setup in missiom planner it gives me an error stating missing battery capacity parameter and will no let me move on.

Anybody have any ideas? I’ve read the manual like 5 times. Beginning 5i think it’s a faulty board

Reset your parameters to default in the Full Parameter List.
Use the setup Wizard and step through the setup carefully.
The button press for the safety switch is the short/long press you should be used to.

I have tried resetting the parameters as well as flashing the firmware multiple times with a few different versions and have had no luck. I am beginning to think it is a faulty controller.