No servo output Matek F765-Wing

So, continuing my setup of Matek 765 wing in my Believer twin…I have completed the radio setup and have good response from the servo output monitor in MP, however when powered up, I am getting no output to the control servos and wonder where to check first…servo output pin sets are soldered in nicely, so I am hoping there is something parameter wise preventing output…just don’t know what it might be…suggestions greatly appreciated!!

It’s probably something to do with you’re safety switch. Try BRD_SAFETY_MASK. You can set what channel outputs are active at any time. I personally set my control surfaces active but leave the throttle channel(s) off as a safety.

Edit: you are running off a battery right? USB won’t power servos. And you double checked voltage at the servo rail?

Thanks, again, Allister…checked and no voltage to servo rail. Massive brain fade on my part…My plan was to use a heavier capacity external supply for servo power and so I did not wire the power board…the flashing lights fooled me into forgetting that!

Sorry about that!


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Exactly same issue, how did you solve it? I am thinking of trying 6v for servo

In my case, I had not installed the power board at all……dumb mistake……!