No SERVO_BLH_ parameters?

What gives? I have DSHOT set up and working, but I can’t get BLheli passthrough to work. The required settings don’t come up in the configuration. Am I missing something?

Are you using a ChibiOS build from the latest master?

I’m not sure. Where would I download the latest chibi os? Github?

I would also like the link
That is a direct link for a Arducopter running on a Cube, but all the others are there as well

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Just to be clear, as I also need confirmation.

APM Copter 3.6 now has support for One shot, DShot protocols seen by MOT_TYP Options
Motors using SERVO 1, SERVO2. etc…

APM CHibiOS build fully supports BlHeli_32 to include protocols seen by these ESC firmware
NOT using SERVO channels but Aux instead … complete configuration of motor channels, BLH_ options etc… can be found within the CHibiOS pass through config video…

Someone correct me on these if I’m wrong…
as I am also using BLheli_32 ESC’s having arming issues(safety switch) with APM 3.6 … set at DShot125 and can’t ( maybe no need) successfully complete ESC calibration.


That sounds correct to me.

I think the ESC calibration issue is unrelated to any of this and should be fixed in 3.6.0-rc3 which just went out yesterday. Thanks for testing!