No motor response with new Pixhawk 6c Mini and Holybro X500 Quad

I just bought a brand new Holybro 6C Mini flight controller and X500 frame direct from Holybro. I assembled it per instructions. I loaded Arducopter 4.5.3 on the board. Everything seems to be working in setup, but I get no motor response showing for servo calibration (no green) or motor operation. I don’t know what type of ESCs this frame has or what type of firmware they require. I just want the most basic, tolerant version of firmware - no fancy stuff. What do I need to do to get this machine operational in the least amount of time?

Hello @Marlin , welcome to the community,

The fastest and most expedite way of getting it all to work is to find out exactly the kind of ESC you have and then read the instructions for that particular kind.

After that install ArduPilot Methodic configurator and use it.