No motor output or sbus input

I recently got a pixhawk 4 2.4.8 wired up everything but not getting motor output “no beeps or movement on all 4 motors / esc’s” and also not getting any controller input even though everything is bound.

I’ve signal wires at the bottom, motors on main output 1-4 and frsky receiver on sbus.

GPS is flashing blue, power is green, b/e is orange, act is flashing blue, indicating light is flashing blue. I’ve tried a few different versions of firmware but no difference.

I get a few on screen errors in qgroundcontrol saying can’t write parameters and mag issues.

Can anyone help new to pixhawk / ardupilot.

Which is it, a Pixhawk 4 or a 2.4.8?

Which input on the Pixhawk for the receiver? Not the Sbus labeled pin right?

2.4.8 and using the sbus pin

The Sbus pin is an output. RCIN is the proper Receiver input. You probably have skipped some basic Wiki guides.

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Changed it and it works, but still nothing on motors. My mag does not want to work with its external and internal gives an error mag 0 when trying to calibrate it.

Post the parameter file.