No message for Geofence Breach

There used to be a message “Geofence Breached” sent to the GCS when the plane breached the fence and set off for the breach point/rally point or launch point.
This no longer happens.
Now when the fence is breached, the mode will change to RTL, but here is no visual/verbal indication why the mode changed.

This log shows this happening several times. I started an auto mission, the plane went out of the geofence and switched to RTL - no message, error or indication why this happened. I switched back to auto several times and it breached several times during this mission, each time switching silently to RTL.

This doesn’t seem right to me, it used to tell you that there was a problem, now you have to guess.

This might have started in 4.1.7 (or even 4.1.6), I know it wasn’t like this a couple of months ago when I first started experimenting with the geofence features.

I tried this today with master. No messages.

Plane 4.0 had a “Geofence triggered” text message. Plane 4.1 doesn’t, instead relying on the GCS to display fence status.
I think we could re-add this as a text message if MissionPlanner doesn’t display the message clearly

@timtuxworth I replied on your original message, it was a change for 4.1, I’ve added a note on the 4.2 issues list to add back a text message or fix MissionPlanner fence status display

I use QGC with a bluetooth headset. I rely on the ‘readout’ in my headset to tell me what’s going on. The old message enunciated the fence breach clearly. Now I get nothing (not even mode change messages, they seem to be gone too).

I made a change to fence.cpp on my local and flew it today in a real plane (on a PixHawk1-1m). It did what I wanted.
This is a PR for this (I think). Display Fence Breach message in GCS by timtuxworth · Pull Request #20275 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Note that this only tells you that a fence breach occurred. It also does not announce the change to RTL or whatever. I think this is inconsistent with the failsafe code which we just worked through with @peterbarker . If there is a RC failsafe, you get a failsafe message and then announcements when the modes change as a result. With fence breach it happens silently.

Updated with the new PR. I messed up the first one. 20275 is clean I think.