No Heli type menu in FW4.1 RC2

Hello, trying the Helicopter 4.1 RC2 in the Kakute F7 but unfortunately the Heli menu is not showing up, something is wrong with the frame type menu. Thank you!

@Pedro_Claro What GCS are you using? Mission Planner or QGround Control?

Hello @bnsgeyer I am using Mission Planner!

This one? It’s a Kakute F7 but that doesn’t make any difference.

Or just go to full parameter list and select Heli as FRAME_CLASS.

He is referring to the Heli menu that appears on the left in mission planner setup tab. It is a specialized menu for the heli specific parameters

Ah OK. This one?

Correct that one is missing.

@Pedro_Claro not sure why it is missing for you. I looked at this in the SITL and it shows up there. I will connect to my heli sometime this weekend and see if it shows up when connected to an actual flight controller.

No good reason for that. Update to latest Mission Planner Beta? Advice given pretty much every day.

@dkemxr After the Beta update we can see the Hely menu. Thank you!

This issue happens when we only power the Kakute F7 with the usb power.

Works fine for me with a Kakute F7 with USB power. What version are you talking about now because the thread title version was weeks ago.

I was warn by a friend for this issue and I check and saw the same behavior during the rc2. I have this same behavior now with the release stable 4.1
I observed this happens only if you boot with usb power. The usb is also powering the gps module, maybe this is relevant.

By plugging the battery the menu comes back. Its easily reproducible!

Maybe it is. This is a Kakute F7 on the bench with no peripheral devices connected on USB power:

What is awkward is that everything works, ex: can read and write parameter, just that the menu is not there.

Using the latest Mission Planner Beta? Meaning installed today?

Well, as it was not working, I decided to unistall and install Mission Planner and update to the Beta.

@Pedro_Claro Why are you using 921600 for your USB connect bit rate? I have always been under the impression that we should use 115200. My concern is that the message that tells MP that it is a heli type aircraft is getting lost. Then for some reason when you connect the battery, then it re issues the aircraft type and it is happy.

@dkemxr I see you use 111100. Any reason you don’t use 115200?

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