No green bars on Mission Planner

Hello, I’m trying to Check the Transmitter’s Setup ( but no green bars appears and i don’t have any idea of what i can do to solve that. I have a beaglebone blue, mission planner 1.3.70, futaba receiver, T2M Radio Pilot 6X 2.4GHz mode 1 T3424 with the T2M mini receiver T3424R. I have a signal from the receiver. Does anybody have an idea ?

Looks like your RCIn in not configured properly, likely in hardware. What signal is your receiver outputting to the pixhawk? Is your transmitter thinking that it is paired to the receiver?

The transmitter is well connected to the receiver. In fact, when the commands are varied, a change in the signal (PPM) is observed with the oscilloscope at the receiver output.
However the receiver is connected to a PPM / SBUS encoder because the BBBlue only takes SBUS and at the output of this one observes a bit flow with the oscilloscope but difficult to say if it varies when we do vary orders. Is it the encoder?
The encoder is connected to a power supply on one side (5V) and only the signal wire is connected to the card because the 5V port of the BBBlue was not active.
Maybe the SBUS port is not active either?
Sorry for not responding earlier, I was very busy.

bro I’m facing same problem , what shout I do now?

Give us something to help you with. What kind of RX and TX? What kind of FC? How have you wired it? What ports are you using? What firmwares are you using?

As I remember, I did not find a solution and finally the project was dropped.
Sorry and I hope you’ll find a solution.

I’m using flysky i6 transmitter with pixhawk flight controller,
I don’t know what should do now

That’s mean I cant fix it ?

Have you got a picture of the wiring? or can you describe it detail?
Do you appear to have power on the receiver?
Does it bind to the transmitter?

These are common components and should work together.

I don’t know how I can fix it

Use an iBus/Sbus connection rather than PPM.

sir, Flysky i6 also supported ibus

Yes, was just about to say - Use the iBus Servo output (which should be SBUS) and I think nothing would work while you have the bind plug connected

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Sure but not how you have it connected.

iBus 2

Set it to Sbus on the Transmitter. Ibus is supported also but Sbus is more universal.

so that’s mean I have change transmitter, which support SBUS

so bro what is solution ?

Apparently if the transmitter is fs-i6x it does do s-bus with the ia6b receiver.
If it’s not then you are restricted to using PPM

In those photos you appear to have the Bind jumper in place - have you tried it without that?