No data from drone with mavros

Hello you all

Maybe I’m making a mistake but I’m trying to use the sitl of arducopter via mavros. The sitl works fine, I’m using 4.1.3 version, there is not problem here. I installed ros2(foxy) with this tutorial and mavros via ros-foxy-mavros debian package.

I run mavros by this line /opt/ros/foxy/lib/mavros/mavros_node --ros-args -p fcu_url:=tcp:// and in the console of ardupilot you can see that create the connection. The problem is if I run this command ros2 topic echo /mavros/battery to cath the info from the battery, I cannot receive anything. It’s the same with some others topics of the telemetry.

Am I making a mistake? thank you in advance.

You need to first use the SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL MAVLink messages to ask for the messages you want/need.

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