No Current Reading on Mauch Sensor?

Hey guys,

I can’t get an amp reading with the Cube & a MAUCH Sensor. I’ve wired it correctly and entered the manual calibration numbers that came with it into battery monitor tab. I can only get a Voltage measurement, and calculated battery percentage always stays at 99% battery. See pics below. What could that be?

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If you change the Quick display to read Battery Current, does it read ok or stay at 0?

What flight controller.
I have that on a Pixracer…drove me to drink till I found out the Pixracer had to many devices plugged in that drew power. When I started to unplug things AMP readings started.

Strange but true.

It seems to read fine, this was on acro mode idle on the bench.

This is the Cube. I guess the biggest issue I’m having is battery is just always showing 99%?

Since you can read both voltage and current, it seems more like a GCS issue than an Arducopter or Mauch issue. I would try posting your issue again in the Mission Planner (or APM Planner) forum. I’m not sure where the “Bat Remaining” percentage is calculated.

Good luck!

Change your sensor type from other to a standard 3Dr, they work the same sense wise.

I see you have nothing entered under Measured current, that could be your issue there.

I think I solved the mystery. The current sensor was actually reading and recording fine, I could see it in flight logs. I was just basing myself off the 99% battery, which always showed that way because every time drone resets it think that’s peak battery. Also, since I wasn’t using MavLink telemetry, I never saw the percentage drop during flight - until I started using it. All is good, thanks for everyone’s input.