No beeps when connected to power

Hello, guys.

My drone was performing flawlessly when it abruptly stopped flying. I repeated all of the calibrations, but the quadcopter never beeped, toned, or made any other sounds when I connected it to power. When I turn the throttle all the way up and plug it in, it starts to beep, but it’s obvious it was just the ESC calibrating. It’s interesting to note that my drone constantly performs ESC calibration. Usually, it only needs to be done once.

Hi, can you share a log file ?

log file? sorry I couldn’t get your point…

If your drone was flying, and you are using Arducopter, you can download a log file in order for us to analyze it and give you ideas on what could have happened.

Moreover, you did not give much infos on your setup… What FC, ESC, motors, RC are you using ?