Nimbus VTOL Throttle mid settings

Hi Guys,

I hope I am asking in the correct place for this. I am having a problem with my Nimbus VTOL. I
have built it myself and am at the point that I can hover in Q Stablize, however my throttle is at more the top 3/4 end of the scale as apposed to the 50% throttle I am used to in standard multicopters.

Is this normal??

Also where does one adjust this mid setting value.

I am using 2 x 6 cells 5000mah to give me 10000mah
45C Rating




Did you calibrate the ESC’s? What is your motor/esc/prop setup?


For the front 2 motor setup the motor is a sunny sky X4112S-9 485 kv with a wooden 13x8 I am not entirely sure why the wooden prop I am assuming its for rigidity so the prop doesn’t hit the wing but I think it adds to my issues of sluggish throttle response.

The back is Sunny Sky X4112s-11 400KV with a carbon fibre 1655 prop on the tail boom.

All of these are running 40A ESC’s

The reason for the wood prop is aerodynamics, that prop is optimized for cruise. They are not many props that are 1. That size in other materials like carbon 2. Other props that come in 13x8 configuration, don’t offer CW and CCW.

You need to do an esc cal first, remove props before doing it!


Been trying an esc calibration but constantly get an error saying I need at least version of AC 3.3+…I am running the latest 3.9…go figure

Do you have a servo tester? You can always do it separate from your pixhawk if you have an extra receiver or servo tester


You might want to join and post in this thread. Somebody there may already be familiar with your issue.

Good luck.

Thanks for posting the link to that thread! I was trying to figure out how to put in a reply!


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the direction I have posted my question here Nimbus Tricopter VTOL