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Nimbus Tricopter VTOL

(Musa Wilmar) #323

@GregCovey yes, i have plan to change the SDcard after last flight… the only issue in the log #6 is only minimum threshold of the esc did’t match with minimum threshold of the RC controller, is too high… that’s why i need to re calibrate the ESC max and min threshold again…

(Musa Wilmar) #324

does anybody know INS_ENABLE_MASK for?

(Greg Covey) #325

Not sure about INS_ENABLE_MASK. It has something to do with the Inertial Sensor (INS) backends. I see it set to 2 or 3 for Pixhawk 1 boards. For a Pixhawk 2, I have seen it set to 7.

(Musa Wilmar) #326

yes, that’s the next thing i want to ask… some value is 3, other is 7 and mine is 2…

(Musa Wilmar) #327

today i test my nimbus again, with full charge battery 2x 5000mah 24v 6s… and it fly around 30 minutes with only 1 time takeoff and 1 time landing…
after landing the current is 20v, is this efficient or not? and what is the biggest mah does this nimbus possibly can carry? 16000 or 22000mah? what is the minimum C rate for it 10C 25C or else?

(rollys) #328

Personally, I’m more concerned with mAh consumption rather than voltage. How many mAh did you recharge back in? Take the total amount then divide it by the flight time (30 min) which will give you your per minute consumption.

Good luck.

(Musa Wilmar) #329

each battery is around 4700 mah, so total is around 9400 mah / 30 minute is around 313mah/menute… what do u think…?

(Graham D) #330

20V is too low, you should be at least 21.6V after landing.

(Musa Wilmar) #331

yes, is a little bit over limit… can u share what battery u use and how long it’s fly…

(Graham D) #332

We use either 10000mAh 6S 20C Tattu LiPo for 40 minutes flying or 10500mAh 6S Titan LiIon + 2200mAh 6S 45C GensAce packs for 75 minutes.

(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #333

Hi GregCovey
I’been testing the transitions, and all work well, but when finish the transition qhover to fwa in mode plain, the front motors work irregularly like you can see and listen in video.Do you have any idea what happened?

Thank you…
Best Regards

(Greg Covey) #334

Hi Anibal Manuel,

I cannot tell from the video what is causing your issue. Can you post a log? Do you have the AS sensor enabled? Do you have Q_ASSIST_SPEED set to 0 for initial flights?


(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #335

Hi Again

I don’t have any AS, and Q assist Speed is 0

Here is this Fight log


Thank you


(Musa Wilmar) #336

it’s look like u don’t have enough air speed to transform from quad to plane…
check your airspeed… my nimbus transition speed is 11(ARSPD_FWB_MIN : 11), bellow that number your nimbus will difficult to control because it’s transition mode… just go forward until u get the enough speed and your plane will be good again…

(Musa Wilmar) #337

i think u have to put the airspeed sensor, it’s difficult to depend it only to the ground speed only… your plane will stall if u don’t have enough air speed…

(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #338

HI ,

here the log.

Thank you…

(rollys) #339

Full disclosure, I’m a PX4 user, not ArduPlane as @GregCovey knows. I’m hoping to just invoke a thought process that you may look for in the params to rectify your issue.

In PX4, assuming you’ve made tests with an airspeed sensor or know what throttle settings will guarantee the aircraft to not stall during different flight profiles, e.g. xx% at cruise; xx% during climb; xx% during descent, etc. There are params that you can do the following:

  • What throttle setting to ramp up/ advance to during transition, i.e. throttle percentage.
  • How many seconds to stay in the above-stated condition before fully transitioning to FW mode. In a quadplane, I’ve seen this set at 8 seconds. The determination of time based on tests to know that it has achieved flying speed. Transition is based on time assumed that it has reached the speed when the wings are aerodynamically effective to fly.

Good luck.

(anibal manuel marques soutinho) #340

HI Musa Wilmar

Thank you for your information. It is possible you send me your parameters, to compare with mine.

thank you

Best Regards

(Greg Covey) #341

Hi Anibal Manuel,

I’v been a bit busy so I will try to analyze your logs this weekend. We have posted many working .param files above so just look back for .param attachments.


P.S. The snow is finally melting!

(Musa Wilmar) #342

@GregCovey, @Graham_Dyer, @rollys, @Aticof i have this question… if i create flight plan on mission planer, do i have to put DO_CHANGE_SPEED to increase speed to above stall manually or it will automatically adjust speed above stall?