Nimbus Tricopter Front Motors not Vectoring


My front motors pitch up in q_stabilize, but do not vector as I bank the plane. I can hear the motors spin up and down though.

What am I missing?

You might want to post your issue on this thread.

Good luck.

Have you set the Q_TILT_YAW_ANGLE parameter?
This parameter dictates how far backwards your tilt servos can go past vertical. For example, setting it to 10 means you can tilt 10 degrees past vertical, for a total travel of 100 degrees.
You will also need to change your min or max servo travel parameters, as the tilt servos will no longer be pointing straight up once you apply the Q_TILT_YAW_ANGLE parameter.

Also, not sure if this is a language thing or not. But “Banking”, or rolling with aileron control, the plane is always done with motor speed only, when in quad mode. What the vectored tilt helps with is Yaw control, which would be spinning, with rudder control.

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Thanks James, I’ve tried 0,15 and 30 in Q_TILT_YAW_ANGLE with no effect, perhaps I should restart each time. But thinking about what you said, vectoring will only be in effect with yaw. I did yaw the plane by hand but no vectoring, maybe I should input rudder. I’ll report back thanks again!!

Also, it only works with the plane armed and motors spinning. So I’d recommend testing it with props off the first time…

Thanks James, you’re right - the motors only vector during rudder input albeit a bit slow to react. I never had a combination of non-zero Q_TILT_YAW_ANGLE and rudder input to notice! Let’s hope it can keep the a/c stable in the air… maiden soon…

Hey Hein,

I am sure mine does the exact same…I didn’t notice much issues when I maidened. I think I needed to tighten up the yaw rate a little after the first flight a few months back already but otherwise she kept her nose in the wind nicely during hover in stabilise mode.



sorry to raise this old issue… but did you get the Vectored movement working?

Hi it’s been a while… all I can recall that we made a breakthrough when we upped the voltage to the tilt servos.

Good luck!