Newbie struggling with logging data


Completely new to all this stuff. I’ve been tasked with logging attitude and GPS data.

My setup only consists of an Orange Cube and HERE3+ GNSS. I’ve followed the user manual for both the orange cube and HERE3+ and have successfully set them up using ArduPilot Mission Planner i.e (For HERE3+ changing config parameters to DroneCAN etc.)

The plan is to put this system on a drone and would like to record all the data from the orange cube and HERE3+.

However, can’t seem to “arm” the system nor does it want to log any data.

Can someone advise?

Many thanks

Welcome to the community :wave:t2:

If you can’t arm you have probably prearm errors that prevent the arming. You can check for these errors in mission planner. Prearm checks are there to ensure the functionality and safety of the drone.

If you set LOG_DISARMED to 1, the FC will start recording data before it is armed.

The easiest ways to help you are:

  1. post the parameter file with your parameters (you find it in Mission Planner → Config → Full Parameter List → “Save to file” in the top right corner)
  2. set LOG_DISARMED to 1, repeat what you tried so far and post the recorded logging file

I’ve set LOG_DISARMED to 1, when I open the “Download DataFlash” I do now find log files.

However, the system still won’t arm. I keep getting waiting for RC even though I don’t have an RC and even disabled the checkbox for RC channels in ARMING_CHECK. I even tried disabling ARMING_CHECK completely, but then I get FAILSAFE printed in the middle of my screen.

So for clarification, is the Cube orange also used as the FC of the plane that’s going up or is it just a “passenger” to log data?

If it is used as FC for the plane you need to resolve the prearm errors. Do NOT disable all arming checks!
If it is a passenger it doesn’t need to be armed to log data.

Since you have a “waiting for RC” prearm error, do you have an RC? Did you do all the calibration?
Please upload the logging file your FC just produced.

The Cube orange is just a “passenger” to log data. Apologies for being unclear.

There is no RC, no actual drone. It is simply for logging data. Just need to specifically log data regarding 3 axis, yaw/pitch/roll and GPS/GNSS.

Good to know that it doesn’t have to be armed to log data. So from what I understand, as long as I have LOG_DISARMED to 1, as soon as the orange cube boots up, it will proceed to log data.

Lastly, if I was to plug the orange cube into USB. Will it automatically begin to log data or do I have to have mission planner open to do that.

Sorry if these questions are trivial, but I’m not the most technical sort of person.

That is correct. And you don’t have to have Mission Planner connected.

Great, thanks for the help! :smiley:

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