Newbie Help: F4 Nano V-6 telemetry radio?

Hello everyone,

I think I have done my due diligence in researching my question and just can’t seem to find much on the subject . I was hoping someone here could help me out.

I would like to know if you can use 3dr telemetry radios with F4 nano V-6?

Everyone posting so far with nano V-6 and copter are using tbs crossfire for mavlink communication. There was one other person who used a micro telemetry radio from HK. There was no documentation on how he wired it and he hasn’t posted since 2018.

The wiring diagram in copter for this board simply shows two wires from chart box marked telemetry rx to tx1, tx to rx1. There does not seem to be any flow control such as cts,rts like the wires coming from 3DR radios. Maybe this is my answer, as in NO ! you can’t do that. I just question how the guy with the tiny radio from Hobbyking did it.

My experience with quads comes from Pixhawks and PX4 so I"m opening a brand new can of worms here.

I’m not so interested in flying with the telemetry as it is to heavy and power eating, but would like to use mavlink with MP or Qground for setup. I would like to spin motors and fire up esc’s without risk of having usb connected. On a pixhawk having usb and battery connected was a huge no,no!
I assume this is the same with copter and f4 board?

I realize I could do some experimenting but the soldering and downloading time I have into it so far makes me more careful. I don’t want to smoke it yet and thought I would ask for some help.

Any help or direction to more reading would be greatly appreciated. I hope I have posted this in the correct category and site. Thank you, Skitch

F4 Nano V-6 running 3.6.9 Frame: Iflight IH3

I don’t think having Flow Control is needed, just Tx,Rx and power I have never used Flow Control on any of my Telem radios. I have never had a problem with battery and USB connected at same time, this method was/is used a lot on my Pixracers and Pixhawks during setup. Just make sure you don’t add/remove other devices once powered on ( like GpsCompass).
This is in the Wiki at:
in the compass -current cal section.

No issue with this. If it’s just for configuration/calibration use an ESP8266 radio. That’s what I use on several craft including a miniquad with a F4 Nano V6.

Thank you Joe and Dave. This is good news, wasn’t ready to spend on cross fire. I’m thinking I will temp the 3dr radios I have now and will get the wi-fi ordered. Thanks again to you both for your time,help and courteous knowledge.