Newbee Need Skid Steer

I have a skid steer rover (mower) trying to run a grid pattern. I ran the simulator normally and rover does wide turns around the waypoints. So I tried setting up a skid steer. In “setup”, servo 1 is set to left throttle, servo 3 to right throttle. In config, SERVO1_FUNCTION to 73, SERVO3_FUNCTION to 74. I load the grid in plan. In data, I hit “auto” and “arm”, and the rover immediately starts up and does short random runs around home, totally nuts. I didn’t even hit “start mission”. What am I doing wrong? The quick window in “data” also shows an altitude of 70m. So I’m totally confused.

You have to set the rover-skid option in the sim window PRIOR to starting the simulation.

Since you’ve probably mucked about with other stuff at this point, also check the “wipe” option to undo any other mistakes before running the sim.

Thank you so much!!! It worked perfectly Just getting started is hard. You are the one who did the newbee YT video on starting with Mission Planner in Australia, right? Yuri and start of the video has a Rage logo. You are totally awesome. Your mower is very large and mine will be an old robomow electric model. I’m pushing on two fronts simultaneously. Hardware and MP/arudrover. I love your spiral cutting path.

That’s my channel, yes. I don’t update it as much as I wish I could. It’s very time consuming to edit those videos.

I watched your YT on the addition of the useless extra first WP in a spiral and the truncation of fence radius. Any chance to get them fixed? I’d love a half meter radius on some small bushes. I’ll have to watch your YT again to remember the details.