New sensor driver integration implementation SPI


I am looking at integrating a new driver for sensor data / telemetry into ardupilot pixhawk6x specifically Arduplane over SPI. I have been looking at examples (barometer) and also read following the link: Sensor Drivers — Dev documentation

workflow between what I have gathered/research seems a bit inconsistent which is understandable.
I seen some areas for example call for AP_HAL::Device and other AP_HAL::SPIDevice?
Believe the “Device” call is an abstraction layer for devices? (I2C, SPI…) where “SPIDevice” is only pertinent too obviously SPI…

Do I need to do the frontend vs backend split as mentioned in that above link?
I guess I am looking for some further direction/clarity on how I should go about setting this all up at a high level.
Is there is a prime example (over others) layed out in software that can be suggested to follow as a blueprint/setup for integrating?

Appreciate yall.

Hi. Also trying to figure out how to correctly access SPI driver for external component of my own. Did you ever figure it out?

Sorry for the late reply, seeing this now for the first time. Not really, were you able too? Did you follow a specific example?