New Rover, where to start, which flight controller?

I currently have a 1/10 scale rock crawler that I have converted to be controlled with a Arduino Mega and a Raspberry pi, I want to convert it to a Ardupliot Rover system, but not sure which flight controller to use.

My starting requirements would be GPS, compass, able to use mission planner and enter waypoints, obstacle avoidance, a vision system to identified and navigate around course pylons, RC or WIFI control. That’s a good start but also be able to expand in the future.

What flight controller would you recommend?


Matek h743 WLITE would tick all the boxes, the wing controllers are designed for planes but they have servo connectors so are better suited to a rover.

Matek F405-WING would also be a good option, it can’t do lua scripting has less serial ports but it will do everything else.

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@geofrancis thanks for the recommendations, but I was on the Ardupilot/rover page and under “Choosing an Autopilot” they have the Matek H743 under “Closed Hardware”, does that just mean it’s not an Open Source system? They have Open, Closed and Discontinued so I assume it’s fine, plus it looks like it has everything I would want.


closed hardware just means that they are not opensource hardware designs for the controller, but they all run ardupilot the same.

Great, that’s what I thought, now have to figure out all the peripherals I’ll need.

thanks again

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