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New RCn_OPTION to disable RUDD_DT_GAIN please

I am using RUDD_DT_GAIN to help my large twin engine Grumman Albatross flying boat steer on the water.
I therefore also use 73/74 SERVOn_FUNCTION outputs for the left and right motors.

I use RTL and Auto modes so I have to use the 73/74 outputs rather than control the motors separately from the X9D TX, otherwise I could simply use it to do the diff throttle mixing and add a switch to turn it off after takeoff.

While in the air I want to be able to disable RUDD_DT_GAIN. I’m not comfortable allowing the inside engine to reduce RPM on landing approach. I have a tight space and am a bit terrified of a tip stall (From recent experience, balsawood + tip stall = matchwood + batteries disappearing into the depths of the lake + $1k repair bill)

It seems to me a new RCn_OPTION would be ideal for this feature. There are currently 27 values for this parameter but nothing useful for this purpose.

Correct me if I’m wrong but there doesn’t seem to be any existing way for me to achieve what I want.

Thanks in advance.

On master/latest this is possible via scripting so long as you have a flight controller with more than 1M of flash.

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