New Pixhack 2.8.4 Copter 4.0.7 Crash in Alt Hold mode

My new 450 frame quad copter with New Pixhack 2.8.4 with Copter 4.0.7 Crash in Alt Hold mode.
I done some initial Parameter excel sheet setting provided by the forums.
OK in stabilize but not OK in Alt hold mode.
I see the logs but did not understand any thing because I am new in this field.
Can anyone figure out the problem by seeing the logs

2 01-01-2000 5-04-02 AM.bin (85.4 KB)

This log is not Arducopter 4.0.7 it’s 3.4.6. Come back after you have updated the firmware or you have another log that is current. Or, post in the right thread for that version.

The log is Ac3.4.6.

Sorry Guys !
Here is the correct file of 4.0.7
After crashing it in alt hold mode, I test flight it with binding the quadcopter with thread lines to protect it from going away and crashing.

Your vibration levels are very high with clipping on 2 axes. Balance the props and review how you have mounted the Flight Controller.