New FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed Wing

This new VTOL looks very interesting.
85 minutes of flight time and ardupilot compatible!
Does anyone have any more news?


hi @Alberto_Ds

I’m interested too, but I didn’t understood the comments about a X8.

As of today it is online for sale on the Fimi official store website and I have 1 being delivered to me in about a week or so ! Its suppose to be open source and Ardu compatible FW!
I’m was hoping to find some FW information on it but haven’t been successful yet!

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I bought one from banggood.
On the description the controller will be a matek f405-wte or compatible.
The delivery in this morning, the delivery date was August 23th, but now is September 10th

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I am very tempted on one of those, looks solid but I think I will wait for the reviews. FIMI seem to have produced quality quadcopters so far.

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Yes, I already got one to test, it’s fully compatible, the beatiful drone flies very well indeed.
Fimi Manta - YouTube,
FIMI Manta 60mins test flight with walksnail Avata HD - YouTube,
Fimi Manta 85mins flight test with QGC ground station - YouTube


Hi @Shark,
thanks for the interesting test flights on flight duration. But you don’t show on the first flight (“60mins”) if and if so how you land in a Q-mode. I guess you shortened the movie at the end, so that one can not see how the batteries are much too empty to still be able to hover properly. In the second movie ("75mins) you landed in FBWA mode.

So you can’t talk about 60 and certainly not 75 minutes of flightduration as long as people assumes you took off and landed in Q-mode !

Regards Rolf

The 60mins flight: take off and land vertically.
The 85mins flight: hand launch take off and gliding landing, it’s a little hard to reach the declared 85mins if you take off and land in VTOL mode.

Thanks for the clarification.


21700 3s lipo for 70mins around flight is a safe setup.

Sorry, but your flight times are a battery killing “setup”. You underestimate the low cycle stability of the lithium-ion batteries at deep discharge and high current flow. The 75 minute flight without vertical takeoff or landing is pointless for testing a VTOL. I would be interested in the landing scene of the “60mins” film, where you aborted the film just before the backtransition.


Mine arrived yesterday. I ordered the PNP version (without FC,ESCs, GPS) because I will install the Matek H743 wlite just to be able to run LUA scripts. GPS will be an ublox M10 (BZ-251). I will also install a compass and an airspeed sensor (both are missing even in the PNP-FC version).

I have rarely received such a well and tidily packed aircraft from China through the letter carrier. Unpacked all parts (and put a 3s LiIon battery, FC and GPS in the fuselage for size impression):

The tilt mechanism with motor, tilt servo and aileron servo is perfectly integrated in one unit and pre-assembled:

The connector between wing and fuselage are already soldered and there are still 3 contacts free for own use. With the ground already out, CAN or I2C bus for own extensions to the wing are no problem. It’s a pity that the canopy is held with magnets (instead of mechanics), because a compass in the GPS module will surely not be usable near magnets. I am not sure yet if I will use the compass from the GPS module and attach the canopy mechanically or put a separate compass in the wing.



Looks good, and that’s a relief! I have an order for one with the FC, I was thinking on cancelling it, but I will keep it for now :slight_smile:

I’ve just ordered one and I’m planning to join the topic!

However, what is the “FIMI G21 Pro” gimbal camera recommended for the drone?

Ordered the FC-version on the first day of availability. I’ve was about to cancel it because I haven’t any news from the sender, but since two days, the tracking is showing it is on the way !

What about yours ?

I ended up cancelling because my order was delayed, and another plane show up (an MQ-4C Triton). But I will keep an eye on the Manta and see how it performs.

Mine was shipped last saturday - today the FIMI in their social media made available a param files with the params of the f405 controller. FIMI MANTA - Google Drive


Hello. Looks good. Where you put ESCs and what kind of ESC you use?. Thanks

Welcome Enrique,

I’m not sure yet if I’ll install three small BLHELI32 or a 4-1 ESC. There should be enough space.


Thanks for the info rolf.