New Dell PC with Windows 10 Home - MP doesn't see the serial ports and crashes


Recently got a new Dell PC that I intend to use for flight operations. The PC is equipped with Windows 10 Home.

I installed Mission Planner 1.3.50.

When I try to connect to Mission Planner the Connect Button does not react to the input, nor does the list of serial ports ever include the USB port into which I’ve plugged the SIK radio.

Are there any specific Windows 10 Home settings or drivers that I need to deploy?



Got it sorted: Had to install the CP2102 USB to UART Serial Bridge Driver. Working now. Thanks, Paul

If you would so kind, could you provide me with a more detailed “how to”. Please understand I have no clue how to find and update particular files. I am having the some problem with a new Samsung Laptop. Maybe a go here find this and type this. If you an find the time please give me a hand. THANKS


I installed a driver for CP2102 serial devices - which was in my case so the PC could recognize the telemetry radio.

  1. First get the driver software from this website:

  1. Download the software from this link:

  1. You will receive a file called “CP210x_Windows_Drivers.” Right click on the file and use the “Extract All” selection to extract the contents of the file into a new folder.

  2. Go into the newly extracted folder and select either the 32 or 64-bit version, depending on your PC. Double click on this selection and a wizard will come up - then follow the prompts.

After it finishes, reboot the PC and then Mission Planner should then recognize the telemetry radio - you’ll see the new COM port in Mission Planner’s connect selections.

Good luck,


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PAUL, I tried to download a current copy of MP from the site you reference before loading the drivers you recommended. Well I got the desk top version and not the laptop. Is a way to recognize the lap top or doesn’t iit matter.I ask because when i loaded the dtop and then loaded the drivers you recommended it would not load.Joe


Download and install Mission Planner from here:

The serial port driver installation is a separate step.