New control for the UAV

Hi, if i want to change the PID control for a quadcopter, for another control technique, what libraries are required ? or where i can write the new lines of control ??

So, Thanks.

I’d go looking in github for the adaptive control WIP branches, such as the work Ryan Beall has recently done with L1 adaptive control. The devs hang out on gitter a bit so it might pay to drop by that channel, and get some pointers.

So, i have a diferent control applied to a Quadcopter in real time, this control was applied on another plataform, but i want to change the control that mission planner has for default, how i can change the PID control to another technique of control ?


As per my first response, and also read the wiki:

Is the L1 adaptive control open source?

It’s in a wip branch somewhere. is one version but might not be latest/best, and may cause crashing.
It’s not pushed for a reason - it’s not ready. Adaptive controller is very developmental and requires solid understanding to use. If you’re offering to work on it I’m sure assistance is welcome, but don’t expect it to work “out of the box” as is. Don’t fly it until you understand it and can contribute to it, basically.