New build - dev/prod setup - Toro 60” zero turn

Ok - investing the time this am. Can’t see the Yaapu widget screen (widget is selectable) - is blank and asks for a “screen type”. I reloaded the screen files for my resolution. Any thoughts?

Lots of documentation here:

Sometimes you have to dig a little to find what you need, but it’s very complete.

I think I recall you’re using ExpressLRS and a TX16S. Be sure to follow the sections for those, specifically. The TX16S runs EdgeTX, which may also be helpful as you navigate the docs.

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Hi @Yuri_Rage , I’ve got the scripts working, now on to building a connection wire for in/out between Pixhawk and my ELRS receiver (if I understand things). Then a minor config change and we’ll see if the magic starts. As usual, thx for all the help…cd

Found out no “new” wire was required - ELRS module seemed to already be in the right spot (UART). So, onward to fuel tank sensing setup - first on the bench, then onboard…