New Build and want to check some messages

So I just maidened a new build this weekend and have a few messages in the log that I just want to run past the community.

I know this is saying I have an EKF issue and then it clears, but I cant’ find what the cause is.
Err EKF_Check-2

This error, not sure if its telling me compass 4 has an issue or the error is error 4. Since I don’t have 4 compasses I assume its an error code and subsystem compass. But can’t find what it is, only code 1 2 and 0

Error Compass-4
Error Compass-0

EKF2 IMU0 ground mag anomaly
EKF2 IMU1 ground mag anomaly
Since I am getting this and the above compass error message I will calibrate in the field next time I am out to see if that helps.

the copter flew with no issues, vibrations seem good and I didn’t see any other issues…But as this is a new build I want to look for problems and nip them before they occur 1km out…I hate walking to crash sites.

So if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate the feedback

Log File

Its the Compass error 4 that has me the most confused.