New 6S ESC's. Throttle doesn't do much. Please help

I upgraded to 6S ESC’s from my 4S because I want to spin bigger props, slower, in the hopes to get more efficiency. The motors are now 260kv so should spin at about 6000 rpm with the 6S.

I don’t know where to start with the information so I will just post and hope I am giving enough info.

This is the latest log

I reset my parameters and started over. These are my current parameters

I tried different pwm types. It didn’t seem to make a difference.

I set the servo9 to 12

I set the BLHeli auto

ESC’s show up

ESC values

Voltage going to ESC message pins from Pixhawk
When not armed - 196mV
When motors are armed and idle spinning - 246mV
When throttle is max - 289mV

Motor spinning RPM - Tested with laser pointer

Max throttle - 453 rpm average for all motors, but sometimes it goes to around 650 rpm

I ran the basic setup using Alt + A as in this video

Voltage coming out of ESC
Max throttle 1.9V
Min throttle 1V
Measured with AC setting on multimeter

Voltage going into the ESC

Throttle calibrated

ESC’s calibrated

This is how I plugged everything into the pixhawk. There are only two wires. Ground + signal

Please help. I have no clue what I am missing.

1st try disabling Low RPM Power Protect from BLHelisuite

And only rely on the MissionPlanner motor tests. Don’t expect your transmitter throttle position to produce a matching motor output if you are testing on the bench - it will never work as expected.
The aircraft needs to be flying in Stabilise mode for motor output to approximate throttle input.

Dave as always, you are the man with the plan. Thank you.

I hit 5600 rpm on the bench.

What is this setting good for? Is it used by other flight controllers?

Thank you Shawn. I did test the motors with mission planner also. I just didn’t make a video of that part. Seems the low rpm power protect was the issue.

It’s only use is with higher kV motors.

We have flight now. Thank you again.

It isn’t fully loaded yet, at 1.5kg pulling 5.5A with camera and transmitter active. Without the camera and transmitter it drops about 300mA.

It has to be below 2kg to be legal here in Australia to be used for commercial work without a full license.

I still need to attach a gimbal, legs and a Insta360 so that will push me to the 2kg limit and then I will optimize the weight.